ALL Cremation Retorts
All cremator rebricked
inside view, ALL cremator rebricked
smooth castable floor installed in an ALL cremator
All cremator rebricked
On this page are examples of  some"ALL" cremation retorts which have been completely rebricked. Please take note of the smooth monolithic castable hearth floor we install in the "ALL" crematories. This smooth floor is superior to the tile floor in that it is much easier to sweep out the cremains.The floor is designed so that the grease stays in the center of the crematory,which keeps grease out of the cleanout tray.
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Crematory Repair of All Cremation Retorts
Examples of All Cremation Retorts we have repaired. Introducing Hi-Temp Refractory, your Crematory Repair specialists.With over 30 years of experience in the field of refractory, let Dan Bleich put his knowledge to work for you the next time your in need of a Crematory Repair. Call toll free 1-(877)-633-8580 to recieve a free quote of your Crematory Repair needs.
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