IE&E Cremation retorts
A partially Rebricked IE&E Retort
A Completely Rebricked IE&E Retort
A completely rebricked IE&E Power Pack crematory.CLICK ON PHOTO
An IE&E Power Pack in which the hearth floor and hearth walls have been replaced. The old ceiling was still in good shape, so it was not replaced.CLICK ON PHOTO
Throughout the years,we have had the opportunity to perform work on many different types of IE&E crematories,both human and pet retorts. The next time you have the need for refractory work on an IE&E retort, we hope you will consider Hi-Temp Refractory. With over 30 years of refractory experience behind us,we will do the job right. We look forward to doing business with you.
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Examples of IE&E Cremation Retorts we have repaired. Introducing Hi-Temp Refractory, your Crematory Repair specialists.With over 30 years of experience in the field of refractory, let Dan Bleich put his knowledge to work for you the next time your in need of a Crematory Repair. Call 1-(813)-633-8580 to recieve a free quote of your Crematory Repair needs.
Crematory Repair of IE&E Cremation Retorts
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