Refractory is a word which refers to any material which is capable of enduring high temperatures. At Hi-Temp Refractory, this is the kind of material we utilize. Hi-Temp Refractory is an independent contracting firm. Owner Daniel G. Bleich has over 30 years experience in the field of refractory.


       Hi-Temp Refractory performs refractory firebrick installation and repair, refractory insulation material installation and repair, and refractory castable installation and repair. All of the above mentioned materials are found within the interior of crematories, citrus dryers, and heat treating ovens. These materials receive direct exposure to heat and flame and should always be in good condition to insure safe operation and proper protection of equipment from the ravages of heat and fire. This is where our expertise is crucial. As specialists in the proper installation and repair of the vital refractory materials which line the interior of crematories, heat treating ovens, and citrus dryers, we can assure you that the correct refractory materials will be installed in accordance to the manufacturers specifications. We have professional installers who are specialists in this line of work, and they will insure that the job is performed properly, and with the utmost integrity.


      You have a choice when it comes to refractory repairs, and we hope you may choose us. Hi-Temp Refractory will gladly provide you with a free estimate of any work you need regarding firebrick, refractory castable, and insulation installation or repairs in the interior of your unit. We will provide the estimate to you at no cost, so you have nothing to lose. And, if you choose our company to do your work, you will have a professional and high quality refractory installation or repair to gain. So, feel free to
contact us today. Just give us a description of the problem you are encountering, and, if you have any photos of the problem area, you may email, mail, or fax them to us in order to assist  us in evaluating the problem during our preparation of your free estimate. We also sell various refractory materials on request. Just contact us for prices and availability.


      Our firm is strictly in the business of installation and repair of the interior refractory components of crematories, citrus dryers, and heat treating ovens. We do not manufacture or sell any equipment. We only sell refractory materials and perform refractory repairs and installation.
IE&E cremator rebricked
Flame in an operating cremator
Rebricked burner in a citrus dryer
Ipsen-Abar heat treat furnace rebricked
On this page, you will discover what services we offer. Call 1-(813)-633-8580 to recieve a free quote of your Crematory Repair ,Citrus Dryer Repair, or Heat Treating Oven Repair needs.
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